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K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift
K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift

K9 Massage Gun + Free Gift

19 reviews

Free 6oz Bag of Dog Treats made in Ohio included with each K9! Limited Time Only! 

Small, robust, quiet and effective the K9 massage tool can help you bond with your canine and promote natural healing processes for pain relief and improved mobility! 

  • Quiet and compact design for your canine friend! 
  • Only 13.7 cm in length, an iPhone 11 is 15.1 cm
  • Lightweight and small at only 1.04 lbs. weight
  • Extremely quiet so it won't disturb sensitive dogs
  • 4 adjustable speeds to accommodate all breeds
  • Aerospace grade housing stands up to pets abuse
  • Includes 4 interchangeable massage heads
  • Up to 6-hours of use on a single charge 
  • Maintenance free quiet and reliable brushless motor
    • Model- K9 Massage Gun
    • Speed- 4 Adjustable Speeds
    • Speed Range- 1800-3200rpm
    • Beat Range- 10mm 
    • Brushless Motor
    • Decibels- 55 dB Maximum
    • Battery- Rechargeable 2200mAH
    • Operation Time- Up to 6 hours 
    • Recharge Time- 2 hours
    • Product Dimensions- 13.7 X 9 X 4.6 cm
    • Total Product Weight- 1.7 lbs
    • Warranty- 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

      Dog Treats Guaranteed Analysis : Net Wt. 6 oz (170g) 

      Crude Protein (min)  18.34%
      Crude Fat (min)


      Crude Fiber (max)


      Crude Moisture (max) 



      brewers wet grains (barley); natural peanut butter, brown rice flower, whole eggs. Made in Ohio

      Special Design for Canine's 

      • Four massaging speeds to fit any pets needs
      • Aids in general relaxation and helps alleviate stress
      • Increase circulation to help muscle tension & pain
      • Help boost overall health by increasing natural healing processes
      • improve immunity, digestion and increase mobility
      • Easy to use lightweight design so you can bond with your pet

      DIY Massage for your best friend

      Therapeutic massage can ease tension and reduce pain in the muscles and relive stress to nervous system.  These techniques were originally designed for human athletes and were adapted for the equine athlete many years ago.  Now the same ideas are good for you canine friend.  The first record of canine massage came in 2500 BCE in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  More recently canine massage was adopted to help canine recovery around 1993. 

      Works with even the largest of Breeds

      The quiet lightweight design of the K9 insures a pleasant experience for both you and your pet. Ideal for large and giant breed dogs the K9's durable aluminum housing insures years of service.

      K9 Massage Gun

      Quiet and compact design ideal for a DIY Pet Massage.  Show your fur-baby some love by helping them heal or helping them relax.  

      Quiet so you don't disrupt your pet

      A canine massage gun must be both effective and quiet.  The DIY K9 Massage Gun features noice cancelling technology so the sounds won't upset your pet.  Featuring a brushless motor with shock absorption the K9 has an operating decibel range below 55dB!

      Works well in conjunction with veterinary care and therapy

      As our pets age they require more upkeep. Just like us humans! Massage therapy for dogs is a great way to help aid natural healing processes. Finding a pet massage therapist is often hard and typically over $100 per session. Depending on where you live it could be a long trip as well. DIY and save! .  

      Canine K9 Testimonials


      Big time chewer

      I love this new massage toy my human got for me.  It really helps with my emotional well being.  We now get to spend even more time together.  I can tell my human really loves me. We sit together each evening and I get a great massage.  My human was always very loving but now I get something special to look forward to.  I also love the new treats!  


      loves walks and hikes

      I love being outside!  I like walking and hiking and playing fetch.  I love to run and play ball.  But with all this training I need some relief so I can stay active.  Fortunately I have a very smart human and they got me this great new K9 massager.   Now I can spend more time with my human outside doing what we love! 



      As a retired dog I refuse to take long walks or play ball.  But it is hard training this human to let me get the 20+ hours of sleep I want.  My human got this new toy to help get me back and moving again.  So now I get a massage but have to go back to work playing ball and taking walks!  

      Free 6 oz Bag of Treats included with each K9 ! 

        help train your pet to love massage  as much as we do with a free 6oz bag of treats made in Ohio! 

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      Doby B.
      United States United States
      Use it daily

      We have religiously used this great invention almost daily! We have a large mixed breed (mostly rott we think)with issues in legs/shoulders as well as mulitple lipomas. It has seeminngly healed injuries and def increased mobility. I highly recomendDB

      United States United States
      Saves me time

      I bought this a few months ago for $200 and have been using it ever since on my dog. He is 9 years old now and just isn't as mobile as he used to be. We went to a dog chiropractor and it really helped but its too far away to take him frequently. I belive in massage for myself and my wife and now my dog. We all love this gentle and effective method of healing!

      United States United States
      my lab loves to run

      I run a lot with my lab and as he gets older it takes him longer to recover. Sometimes we run 10 miles and it could honestly take him days to recover. I started using this and it really helps! I also use a massage gun on my sports related injuries and am always amazed at how well it works on all of us for so many different things. So this seemed logical and wasn't too pricey.

      United States United States
      Helps with grooming

      I used to spend a lot of time gooming my dog but this unexpectly helped. A big part of grooming was always massage to losen up my dog and the loose fur. Now I use this massager to help with my arthrisits. This is so much faster and easier plus my pooch loves it!

      Fred G.
      United States United States
      cost effective pet massage

      I love my Saint Bernard's. We have two of them each over 150lbs. I have been getting pet massage for about 10 years on all of my 'saints over the years. It is a 30 min drive each way and takes an hour or two once we are there. Now I can do much of it at home and this massager is cheaper than 1 pet massage! I still want professional consultation but this is a really cost effective way to increase the treatment for my not so small fur babies!

      30-Days Money Back Guarantee

      We love our pets so much we want the best for yours.  If you or your dog don't love the K9 Massage Tool keep the treats as our free gift and simply return the massage gun for a full refund!      

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