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About DIY Massage Therapy

DIY Massage Therapy 

DIY Massage Therapy offers the most advanced Massage Gun & Wellness Technology for deep-tissue treatment and targeted muscle recovery. With the largest selection of cutting-edge massage & wellness products in the industry, DIY combines superior quality and unmatched versatility to deliver percussive therapy in a way no other at-home massage technology brand has done before.
With a wide-array of at-home percussive & regenerative technology designed to expedite the recovery process, DIY Massage Therapy offers multiple massage guns, wellness tools, models, and accessories for a variety of pain points and stressors.
DIY's offering of multi-sized massage guns, heating/cooling technology, vibrating rollers, pain-point sticks, anti-cellulite probes, and rolling balls among a host of other wellness tools means that athletes- whether elite, novice, or somewhere in between- have never had a better opportunity to attain peak performance.
Massage guns crafted for maximum durability, optimal power, and unparalleled convenience mean that achieving peak-fitness through percussive recovery has never been easier. 
With an unparalleled one-year warranty and money-back guarantee, DIY's customers possess a product-peace-of-mind unlike any other in the percussive wellness space. With thousands of customers across the country, DIY has grown and continues to grow by offering a long-lasting, superior quality, massaging product with the most advanced features and technology available. Constructed using the highest quality, premium, materials to ensure maximum durability and consistent performance, backed up by an unbeatable guarantee, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have grown to see DIY Massage Therapy as the go-to technology for peak performance, optimal recovery, and overall wellness.
Every massage gun sold is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a complete manufacturer's warranty protecting against any defects. According to industry leaders, web reviews, and consumer sentiment, DIY Massage Therapy consistently ranks above any other competitor in the percussive massage / at-home therapy market.
DIY is a United States based company with main offices located outside Cincinnati, Ohio. Shipping and customer support is completed by an in-house team of U.S. based customer service agents who continue to offer and provide support for all of our products to customers across the globe.