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Guest Author: Adam "Pacman" Jones - NFL Pro Bowl 2015

When it comes to maintaining peak fitness and achieving speedy recovery, DIY Massage Therapy is my go-to brand. Whether I'm at the gym, travelling, or at home, DIY's Percussive Massage Guns stay with me wherever I go. I felt inclined to write about my experience with DIY based on their superior customer service, product line, and item quality. 

As a Professional Football Player, I was blessed to have a 12-year career in the NFL. As an athlete, I knew that effective post-activity recovery was just as (if not more) important than my pre-game preparation. I believe the same to be true for athletes of all backgrounds and skill sets. You might be fast, strong, smart, and naturally-gifted, but if you don't spend the time and resources that your body needs to recover, you'll likely find yourself both "sorer and sorrier" at the end of the day. When athletes come to me and say they're eating right, training hard, and getting their sleep, yet not improving, I always ask what they do for post-workout recovery... and the answer is usually: not enough. That's when I recommend percussive therapy and bring up my personal favorite brand: DIY Massage Therapy. 

As a collegiate and professional football player, I was lucky to receive the best technology, sports medicine, and fitness advice in the world. I understand not everyone will have access to the same resources I have, but I do think percussive therapy offers even the most leisurely athlete the chance to recover, grow, and improve, while still providing amazing value to hyper-serious (and even professional) athletes. 

Weekly, I plan to write a short piece regarding Percussive Therapy, my love of fitness, and my appreciation for the technology that DIY Massage Therapy is offering athletes of all backgrounds. 

To get started, I'd like to push you to two DIY Products and two articles that I have read that helped inform me about wellness, fitness, and the importance of continuous recovery. The first article is from the National Library of Medicine, and the second is from the Washington Post. They both explain percussive therapy and provide insight into how Massage Guns (and technology like DIY) can help athletes perform at a I higher level. 

The two products I'd like to highlight are the super convenient, "G-Mini" which clocks it at right around the size of your iPhone, and the Vibrating Yoga Ball from DIY. Both are highly effective and built to be taken just about anywhere. I will be detailing each item next week and highlighting why DIY Massage Therapy's commitment to convenient wellness makes their products so special. 

National Library of Medicine & National Institute of Health:

Washington Post:

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