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Getting Started with Your New Massage Gun

Getting Started with your new Massage Gun

Self massage is a great way to recover from exercise and relax.  Massage can help increase blood flow and down regulate your nervous system.  Getting started with something new can always be hard so we recommend a basic protocol before moving to longer and more advanced routines as you become familiar.  Massage is like many skills and requires some time to truly become an expert but still anyone can get started right away!

1. Starting with the basics

At DIY Massage we recommend users start with the soft ball head.  This is the most versatile of the heads.  We also recommend starting with the lowest speed.  Over time you will be able to increase the intensity and duration.  If you ever feel pain or discomfort stop and consult your physician.  Massage may feel intense at times but should never hurt.  

How to massage your muscles:

  • Focus on larger and major muscle groups in your arms, legs, and chest
  • A neck massage may be too intense for some so be sure you are using the right tool for the job.  A massage ball or roller may be better suited for your neck and back.
  • Hold the percussion massager on a tight spot for 10 seconds or more.
  • Be sure to breath deeply to help your muscles release.   
  • Make sure there’s no tingling, numbness or pain present. 
  • Experiment with different levels of pressure and different types of motion as you become comfortable. 
  • Spend up to 3 minutes massaging a muscle group. 
  • Try massaging different muscle groups each day if you can't find time to do your entire body.  We recommend focusing on upper body one day and lower body the next.  
  • Do not massage the spine, neck, bone or boney areas.   
  • If you have an area that is of particular interest be sure to massage adjacent areas to improve blood flow to the entire area.

2. Give a massage to others

Massage is something you can share. One of our customers favorite uses of percussion massage and massage tools is massaging friends and family.  Most of the concepts and rules are the same as for yourself but we do recommend making a few changes.  Anyone new to massage should start with the round soft ball head and the lowest speed before progressing to the different heads.  

How to massage others:

  • Make sure the other person is consenting!  This may sound silly but percussion massage is something new and not everyone may be interested.  Be sure to clarify interest and boundaries before starting. 
  • Do not massage young children.  Always consult your doctor before using the massager on children.  
  • Just as with individual usage be sure to move from one muscle group to others muscle group frequently.  Focus on the muscle belly and move to the connection near the joints.
  • Do not massage the spine, neck, bone or boney areas.   
  • Encourage communication during the massage.  
  • Try massaging someone's back and in exchange they can massage yours!  DIY Massage Products all have great battery life and allow for hours of massage.  

3. Make it a lifestyle not just a task

Massage is a critical part of a fit and healthy lifestyle.  At DIY Massage Therapy we try to make massage a daily thing.  

  • It is better to use your massage device more often than for longer durations. 
  • We recommend 3-5 short sessions per week, but don't feel pressured.  A massage anytime can help you feel relaxed.  
  • Be sure to massage different areas to help improve blood flow and reduce stress throughout your entire body.  
  • Spend a few minutes massaging a muscle group each day.  
  • DIY Massage Therapy offers many quiet massage devices so you can make massage a part of your life while you wind down with a favorite show or perhaps during a discussion with friends or family. 

4. Using massage as a warm up

Take your massage gun with you to the gym or game!  Percussion massage is a great way to warm up before exercise. Many of the same rules for basic massage apply.  Professional athletes use percussion massage to help warm up for events and prevent injury.  

How to massage as a warm up:

  • Focus on the muscle groups you intent to use.
  • Keep the massage gun moving, linger for 5-10 seconds in one spot before moving to the next. 
  • Be sure to hydrate!  Many cramps come from both a lack of warm up but also dehydration.
  • We recommend spending a short amount of time massaging as a warm up.  Two to 5 minutes should be enough for most people. 

-Heather Hansbauer, M.A.

DIY Massage Therapy, Specialist 

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