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Why Massage Matters

Percussive massage and vibration rolling techniques help your body

Sore Muscles?

Improve your circulation

Research from 2017 shows DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can be alleviated with massage

Working on your Flexability?

Active stretching works in tandem

Active stretching techniques, including yoga, work in tandem with massage therapy and massage rolling to help improve flexabilty 

Pain Relief ?

DIY the pain away

massage has been used for thousands of years to help with pain.  Now you can DIY in the comfort of your own home  

Want Gains?

Improve recovery

massage therapy helps your body recover faster by increasing blood flow so you can train harder and get them gains! 

Need to Relax?

No need for a masseuse

One of the most well know benefits of massage is relaxation.  DIY and relax with money in your pocket

Special Cellulite Probe

The new DIY Cellulite probe available only on the DIY Massage Therapy G60 Advanced and G70 Biometric Percussion Massage guns. Inspired by expensive cellulite treatment clinics this probe turns your percussion massage gun into veritable cellulite elimination machine!  Included along with 7 other massage attachments so you can do any type of massage needed to improve your life and looks. 

Shop Cellulite Treatment Guns Now

Brushless Motors

A brushless motor was chosen to reduce the heat caused by friction in lesser massage guns. Our brushless motors utilize advanced magnets to reduce friction and eliminate maintenance. This reduction in friction and heat improves motor longevity to help save you money long term. 

Noise Reduction Technology

With Massage Guns as quiet as your household refrigerator or library you can recover without disruption and enjoy your favorite show or hold a conversation with loved ones. 

Decrease the appearance of Cellulite by up to 50% in less than an hour per week


Blog posts

Feb 16, 2021

Guest Author: Adam "Pacman" Jones - NFL Pro Bowl 2015

Adam Pacman Jones: When it comes to maintaining peak fitness and achieving speedy recovery, DIY Massage Therapy is my go-to brand. Whether I'm at the gym, travelling, or at home, DIY's Percussive Massage Guns stay with me wherever I go. I felt inclined to write about my experience with DIY based on their superior customer service, product line, and item quality.

Jan 30, 2021

Getting Started with Your New Massage Gun

Getting Started with your new Massage Gun Self massage is a great way to recover from exercise and relax.  Massage ca...
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